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HUT Scientific and Technical Personnel for Astro-1

The Astro-1 HUT team was made up of nearly 30 Johns Hopkins and APL scientists and staff. Most of these people were at Marshall Space Flight Center working in 12 hour shifts around the clock to support the Astro-1 mission. Due to the delays caused by the Challenger accident, many of these people had put eight or nine years into supporting this project, by the time Columbia launched on December 2, 1990.

Astro1 Scientific Personnel

Principal Investigator   
    	Arthur F. Davidsen

    	William G. Fastie
	Paul D. Feldman
	Richard C. Henry
	H. Warren Moos

Project Scientist        
    	Knox S. Long

Deputy Project Scientist 
    	Randy A. Kimble

Assistant Project Scientists
    	William P. Blair
    	Charles W. Bowers
    	Samuel T. Durrance
    	Henry C. Ferguson
    	Gerard A. Kriss
    	Jeffrey W. Kruk

   	 W. Van Dixon
    	Olaf Vancura
Technical and Administrative Personnel for Astro-1

CAS Staff                
   	Robert H. Barkhouser
	Sharon K. Busching
	Steven J. Conard
	Barbara M. Dreyfus
	Mary H. Lis
	Mary Romelfanger
	Harold W. Screen

APL Staff                
    	Benjamin W. Ballard
	Jay R. Dettmer
	Glen H. Fountain
	John R. Hayes
	Kevin J. Heffernan
	Lawrence C. Kohlenstein
	Kenneth A. Potocki
	Marcus H. Reitz
	Lee H. Schwerdtfeger
	Louise B. Yauger