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6.2 Observing Program

  During the 14 orbits devoted to productive observing, we obtained spectra of the stars listed in Table 1. The total exposure times on each star are shown in the last column of this table; these numbers should be divided by 4 to get the approximate integration time in individual echelle positions. Except for the stellar uv fluxes recorded by the Voyager spectrometer (R. Polidan, private communication), information about the stars is from the 4th edition of the Yale Bright Star Catalog (Hoffleit & Jaschek 1982). For two stars, $\zeta$ Ori A and $\gamma^2$ Vel, there are companion stars with large enough separations and a small enough difference in magnitude that they could very weakly contaminate the primary star's spectrum. Details are given in the table's endnotes.

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\tablecaption{Target Star...
 ...\tablenotetext{e}{No spectral coverage for echelle position 4.}\end{deluxetable}