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Obtaining IMAPS Data

The IMAPS archive is maintained at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) as part of MAST, the Multi-mission Archive at STScI. IMAPS-1 data from the 1993 ORFEUS-I mission is available as either raw image files or as coadded corrected image files (the echelle spectra were never extracted, but the IDL extraction software should be made available in the near future). The IMAPS-2 data obtained during the 1996 ORFEUS-II mission, was never released by the principal investigators, but should be archived within MAST when it becomes available.

The IMAPS-1 data are currently stored online in uncompressed FITS files and are available via the WEB or anonymous FTP at in the /pub/orfeus/imaps/data/ directories. IMAPS-1 data are also listed in two html tables which are summarized in the IMAPS Search Table page. Information on the individual observations can be obtained from the FITS headers which can be displayed from these tables.

If you have problems reading the files, please check the Reading IMAPS Data page for suggested ways to read the FITS files. See also the Data Products page for a description of the file formats.

If you have problems retrieving your data, please send e-mail to