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1.1.1 IUESIPS File Names

IUESIPS produces data in Guest Observer (GO) format. These files are variable length binary files consisting of a label followed by data records. The file names vary depending on the source of the data. For example, archival data stored at the National Space Sciences Data Center (NSSDC) is in GO format with names as follows:


The aperture number is not included for image data. See Table 1.2 for a list of data types and apertures. Note that this naming convention applies only to NSSDC. One other convention, used by our program IUECOPY for transferring GO files from tape to disk, uses the ``RDAF'' filename convention (described below) and a .GO extension. There are other less common conventions as well. Generally, the entire combination of filename and extension constitutes the imaget for GO-format files.

The Data Analysis Center software has its own ``RDAF'' format, consisting of fixed length record files. The label resides in its own file (with .LAB extension), and the data in a separate file (with .DAT extension), with other modifications. The filename is made up of three parts:



The valid types are given in Table 1.2.

Except for data processed in the first couple years after launch, and in data retrieved from the now extinct ``IBM'' database (see Section 2.2) an aperture abbreviation is almost always included in the ``type''.


Table 1.2: IUESIPS Data Types
RDAF GO Description
R RAW Raw image file.
P PI Photometrically corrected image file.
Sap ELBLn Spatially resolved low dispersion file.
Hap MEHIn High-dispersion extracted spectrum file.
Lap MELOn Low-dispersion extracted spectrum file.
F FESi Fine Error Sensor (i = 1 or 2) image file.

AP N Aperture
LG 1 Large
SM 2 Small

For RDAF format data, this filename (without the .DAT or .LAB extensions) will constitute the imaget. For the most part you need not specify the extension because the software automatically selects the correct extension.

There is another format, ``GO-Split'' format. Basically, this is GO format with the label and data in separate files. (RDAF format is different from GO format in other ways.) The Data Analysis Center does not support GO-Split format. However, it is available from the archives, and unfortunately the naming convention is similar to that for RDAF format. If you plan to use our software, don't request this format.

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