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User Specified Search Field

You may now search on any column in the mission database. Select the field you wish to search on and type in the qualification. NOTE that if you choose a field in BOTH the form and in the User Option field, then you may not get results or the result you expect.

In the table below is a list of all the column names available for search. Where reasonable a range or set of valid values is listed. Additional useful notes are included. If you click on the field name, a more detailed description of the data will be found. The column label is used in the search forms and search results. The column name needs to be specified for GET requests.

Column Name Column Label Data Type Valid Values Notes UCDs
ktc_kepler_id Kepler ID long range: 757,076 to 12,984,404 Non-unique Kepler ID identifying corresponding entry in the Kepler Input Catalog. Note multiple observations can be made with the same Kepler ID. Also used in naming data files.
ktc_investigation_id Investigation ID char EX, STKS, GO1000, etc Investigation ID assigned by the Kepler project describing a particular GO or project observing program.
ads_pep_id Pep ID long range 13 to 56 An integer representation of the investigation ID used by Data Management.
ads_data_set_name Dataset Name char KPLR00000020_2010203153838, KPLR02961618_2010169030214, KPLR001028012-2009168180601 Dataset name associated with exposure in the form kplr[kepler_id]_[timestamp]. ID_MAIN
kic_degree_ra RA (J2000) double range: 279.63 to 301.82, although values are stored in decimal degrees, valid formats for queries include: "19 28 29.65", "19h28m29s", 292.12354 Right Ascension in decimal degrees (converted from the KIC decimal hours value) POS_EQ_RA_MAIN
kic_dec Dec (J2000) double range: 36.56 to 52.47, stored in decimal degrees but can be queried using values such as: "+37 14 04.5", "37.23458" Declination in decimal degrees (from KIC) POS_EQ_DEC_MAIN
ktc_target_type Target Type char Either LC (long cadence) or SC (short cadence) 2-character Target type CLASS_OBJECT
ads_start_time Actual Start Time char range: 2009-05-02 00:40:43 to 2009-05-13 00:15:49 Start time from LC_START FITS keyword (?) TIME_DATE
ads_end_time Actual End Time char range: 2009-05-11 17:51:31 to 2009-06-15 11:47:11 End time from LC_END FITS keyword TIME_DATE
ads_release_date Release Date char range: 2009-10-14 12:00:00 to 2011-11-17 14:57:43 Note, as with all MAST datetime fields, the following examples are valid date formats when submitting queries: "< Jan 10 2008", "Jul 1 2009 .. Aug 1 2009", "1/1/2008", "2009 Jul 15 14:30:20" Date on which data becomes public TIME_DATE
kic_pmra RA PM float range: -0.80 to 0.89 arcsec/yr RA proper motion POS_PM
kic_pmdec Dec PM float range: -0.81 to 0.71 arcsec/yr Dec proper motion POS_PM
kic_umag U Mag float range: 10.23 to 20.8 U-band magnitude accurate to 0.04 magnitude PHOT_MAG_U
kic_gmag G Mag float range: 6.39 to 21.21 G-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_G
kic_rmag R Mag float range: 5.9 to 17.41 R-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_M
kic_imag I Mag float range: 6.82 to 18.31 I-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_I
kic_zmag Z Mag float range: 5.842 to 17.63 Z-band magnitude accurate to 0.03 magnitude PHOT_MAG_Z
kic_gredmag GRed Mag float range: 8.52 to 18.27 GRed-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_UNDEF
kic_d51mag D51 Mag float range: 7.9 to 17.51 D51-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_UNDEF
kic_jmag J Mag float range: 1.07 to 17.02 2MASS J-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_J
kic_hmag H Mag float range: 0.01 to 16.72 2MASS H-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_H
kic_kmag K Mag float range: 0.001 to 17.12 2MASS K-band magnitude PHOT_MAG_K
kic_kepmag KEP Mag float range: 5.86 to 17.43 Kepler-band magnitude as derived in the Kepler Input Catalog. Relative to B and V magnitudes from the Tycho-2 catalog, the Kepler magnitude is calculated as follows: blue = 0.54*B + 0.46*V - 0.07 red = -0.44*B + 1.44*V + 0.12 color = blue - red if color <= 0.8 kepmag = 0.8*red + 0.2*blue else kepmag = 0.9*red + 0.1*blue PHOT_MAG_UNDEF
kic_2mass_id 2MASS ID char example: 19245798+3644595 2MASS catalog ID, a sexagesimal, equatorial position-based source name in the form: hhmmssss+ddmmsss[ABC...] (Note this entry was added by MAST, and was not included in the KIC). ID_CATALOG
kic_tmid 2MASS Designation long range: 79221108 to 1305757434 Unique 2MASS catalog ID ID_CATALOG
kic_scpid SCP ID long range: 79226018 to 1305757434 Unique SCP processing ID
kic_altid Alt ID long range: -1224784 to 1065212930 ID from alternate source catalog (see Alt ID Source entry) ID_CATALOG
kic_altsource Alt ID Source long current range is from 1 to 5 but the definitions are: 0 - null, 1 - Hipparcos catalog ID, 2 - Tycho2 ID, 3 - UCAC2 ID, 4 - General Catalog of Var. Stars ID, 5 - Lepine proper motion catalog star. altid>0 is 2MASS ID, altid< 0 is a pseudo-id generated by SCP processing, 6 - altid contains 2MASS ID coming from Astroseiseismology catalog, 11 - NED ID, 12 - Extended 2MASS ID, 13 - FIRST ID, 14 - NVSS catalog ID, 15 - VLBA catalog ID, 16 - CHANDRA catalog ID Source catalog that was used for deriving stellar parameters. ID_CATALOG
kic_galaxy Star/Gal ID long 0 = star, 1 = galaxy. Star/galaxy indicator based on the USNO-B star/galaxy estimator. 1 = USNO-B values 0 to 5, 0 = values 6 to 11. The values 0 - 11 were a measure of the similarity between a given image to a stellar point spread function. 0 is quite dissimilar, 11 means quite similar. ID_GROUP
kic_blend Isolated/Blend ID long Not yet (and may never be) determined. All values are null. Isolated/blended indicator ID_GROUP
kic_variable Var. ID long 0 - constant, 1 - variable, currently all 0's Constant/variable indicator based on data from the General Catalog of Variable Stars. (Additional catalogs will be used in future versions.) ID_GROUP
kic_teff Teff long range: 3124 to 19333 degrees K Derived Effective Temperature accurate to 200 K PHYS_TEMP_EFFEC
kic_logg Log G float range: -0.054 to 6.158 Derived Log10 surface gravity accurate to 0.5 dex PHYS_GRAVITY_SURFACE
kic_feh Metallicity float range: -2.57 to 0.62 Derived Log10 Fe/H metallicity accurate to 0.5 dex. PHYS_ABUND_[FE/H]
kic_ebminusv E(B-V) float range: 0.001 to 0.42 Derived Excess B-V reddening accurate to 0.1 magnitude PHOT_COLOR_EXCESS
kic_av A_V float range: 0.003 to 1.31 Derived A-V extinction PHOT_EXTINCTION
kic_radius Radius float range: 0.18 to 291.3 Estimated Stellar Radius (solar = 1.0) PHYS_SIZE_RADIUS
kic_cq Kepmag Source char SCP, 2MASS, UNCAL, PHOTO, and TYBV. SCP - SCP values for sdssg and sdssr were used to compute KEPMAG using equation below . The error for KEPMAG is roughly 0.03 mag., NOCAL - No calibration to optical mag. possible, used for entries from non-optical catalogs. KEPMAG field is null. , 2MASS - Objects found only in 2MASS Catalog with no optical counterpart, KEPMAG is null, UNCAL - KEPMAG copied from a single color of the parent catalog, uncertainty could be 1.0 mag or higher, PHOTO - parent catalog contained a red and blue mag. obtained from Photographic photometry. Values used to compute KEPMAG on the basis of: sdssg=blue sdssr=red color=sdssg-sdssr if (color<=0.8) kepmag = 0.8*sdssr + 0.2*sdssg else kepmag = 0.9*sdssr+0.1*sdssg, internal photographic errors have errors of 0.2 mag suggest KEPMAG errors of 0.03 mag, TYBV - parent catalog is Tycho-2 and this gives B and V magnitudes. KEPMAG value computed from sdssg=0.54*b+0.46*v-0.07 sdssr=-0.44*b+1.44*v+0.12 using same transformation as above to calc. KEPMAG. Errors same as for TYCHO-2 catalog. Source of Kepler-band magnitude
kic_pq Photometry Qual long range: 1 to 8 which is the count of non-null entries in USNO-B1.0 (O,E,J,F,N), UCAC-2 (R), TYcho-2 (B,V). In general the more colors the more likely the star is real. For NOCAL and 2MASS entries, this value = 0. Photometry quality indicator. Placeholder for SCP values not yet determined.
kic_aq Astrophysics Qual long range: 0 to 6 which is the count of non-null entries in Teff, logG, FeH, AV, E(B-V), and Radius. Astrophysics quality indicator. Placeholder for SCP values not yet determined.
kic_catkey Catalog key long range: 584880 to 12812776 Unique integer key to CATKEY database (not currently available)
kic_scpkey Scp Key long range: 262005541 to 1305756149 Unique integer key to SCPKEY database table (not currently available)
kic_parallax Parallax float range: -.029 - 0.028 arcsec Parallax in arcsec POS_PARLX
kic_glon Gal Lon float range: 68.12 to 84.52 degrees Galactic Longitude POS_GAL_LON
kic_glat Gal Lat float range: 5.553 to 21.48 degrees Galactic Latitude POS_GAL_LAT
kic_pmtotal Total PM float range: 0.0 to 0.93 arcsec/yr Total proper motion accurate to 20 mas/yr POS_PM
kic_grcolor G-R color float range: -1.86 to 9.72 G-R color
kic_jkcolor J-K color float range: -1.317 to 8.022 J-K color
kic_gkcolor G-K color float range: -4.89 to 14.573 G-K color
kic_ra RA hours (J2000) float range: 18.64 to 20.12 hours Right Ascension (J2000) in decimal hours
ads_completion_time Processing Date char Date file was ingested into archive