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Getting Started

The Berkeley Extreme and Far-UV Spectrometer (BEFS), flew on the Orbiting and Retrievable Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrograph (ORFEUS)-SPAS for 5 days in September 1993 and again for 14 days in November 1996.

The first BEFS mission obtained spectra of about 75 objects, and the second mission (BEFS II) obtained spectra of about 102 objects. The BEFS spectrograph's full bandpass is 390 - 1218 , but most observations were done in the FUV region (900 - 1250 ) with a mean spectral resolution of 95 km/s FWHM for point sources.

A table of the BEFS I & II observations by type/spectral class is given below.

Table of BEFS Observations
Early Type Stars 87
Coronae/Late Stars 30
White Dwarf 14
Cataclysmic Variable 9
Extragalactic Object 11
Planetary Nebulae 8
Solar System 5
Other 9