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MAST Contacts for Help

The Archive Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern to answer questions about the Archive.

For questions about HST data analysis, send E-Mail to:

For assistance with the archive, or help with other missions (e.g., Kepler, FUSE, IUE, Copernicus EUVE, etc.) send E-mail to:

To talk with a Help Desk representative you may also call 410-338-4547.

Submissions for ingest into the JWST SID archive need to be arranged in advance. Submissions may be sent via sftp to a specified location or on external media addressed to the SID archive. The team contact should coordinate with the archive contact, Herb Kennedy, by e-mail , or telephone 410-338-4443, to obtain a location for the sftp transfer or arrange for delivery of the external media.

Operations and Engineering Division (OED)
Space Telescope Science Institute,
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