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The STScI Digitized Sky Survey

DSS Extractions for Phase 2 Proposal Submission

Use this form to extract an image for the appropriate survey for determining positions for Phase 2 of HST proposal submission.

RA Dec

Height Width arcminutes (max 60)


Extractions will be from the Quick V survey for northern declinations, and from the 1st generation scans for southern declinations. This will ensure that your submitted positions are in the HST Guide Stars frame.

All images will be in FITS format. Your browser should attempt to save the file to disk instead of trying to display it.

The Digitized Sky Survey copyright © 1994, Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. All use subject to copyright notices given in the copyright summary. Copyright information specific to individual plates is provided in the downloaded FITS headers.

Scientific citations of this data must include information given in the acknowledgments.