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Latest News

  • 11/12/15 - CCD data obtained between March 5, 2000 and October 10,2004 has been added to the HPOL archive.

  • 8/7/13 - CCD data obtained between July 16, 1998 and March 4, 2000 has been added to the HPOL archive.

  • 7/26/11 - CCD data from 1995 - 1998 has been added to the HPOL archive.
The HPOL spectropolarimeter is a modified Boller and Chivens small telescope spectrograph. The system provides simultaneous spectrophotometry and spectropolarimetry over the range of 3200Å to 10500Å (prior to 1995, the spectral range was 3200Å to 7750Å), with a spectral resolution of 10Å (25Å prior to 1995). For more information about the instrument see the "About HPOL" page. The instrument is installed on one of two telescopes. Primarily, it was installed as a dedicated instrument to the 36" telescope at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Pine Bluff Observatory (PBO). HPOL was also mounted on the 3.5 m WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory for limited observational runs once a year or so.

MAST is archiving these data as a complement to the data obtained by the WUPPE instrument flown on the Space Shuttle as part of the ASTRO project that is also archived as MAST.

Below is a map in galactic coordinates of HPOL observations from 1989-1994. The HPOL CCD data from 1995-2004 has been archived but not yet added to the map below.

Map of HPOL observations