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IMAPS Sample Images

The following are examples of IMAPS-1 spectral images:

Raw image of gamma Cas - 16kb

This figure shows a raw image of gamma Cas (imaps1_0340.fits). Most of the prominent features are artifacts. The echelle spectral orders are barely discernable as light-colored horizontal lines. All raw images are 320x256 byte arrays, so each raw image FITS file is roughly 16 Kb.

Corrected & coadded image of gamma Cas - 2.6 MB

This figure represents one of the corrected and coadded images of gamma Cas (imaps1_340-342.fits). Most of the artifacts have been removed, and some of the more prominent features are labelled. The corrected IMAPS1 images are 640x512 floating point arrays (1.3 MB) although with the wavelength arrays and noise filter image, the complete corrected and coadded FITS file is roughly 2.6 MB. (Note the image shown to the left has been binned to roughly 1/4th of its original size. Clicking on the image will show the full size image.)

Complete IMAPS-1 Spectrum of gamma Cas

Four coadded, & corrected images of gamma Cas were spliced together to display the entire IMAPS-1 spectral coverage. The image shown was then rebinned to be about 1/8th the original size. (Clicking on the image will show a file binned to 1/4th original size.)