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Kepler Images

The following links display images contributed by the project, MAST staff, or donated by users.

  • Project-defined Field of View showing position of Kepler detector and nearby bright stars (in sexagesimal coordinates).

  • Derived Field of View created by Rob Oiler from the Univsity of Maryland. This plot shows the positions (in decimal degrees) of the ~6 million targets from the Kepler Input Catalog, considered to be on or near the Kepler detector as defined by the Kepler Characteristics table for 2009. The red area defines the region where targets are on the detector for all 4 seasons, green are targets known to be on the detector for 1 to 3 seasons, and black are targets near but never on the detector. About half of the targets in the Kepler Input Catalog are outside this region and not shown.

  • Full Frame Image (FFI) Display Routine written by Rick White showing a plot of the FFI WCS positions with the various channels numbered, and an option to display selected channels from a sample FFI image and overlay various catalogs.

  • Wavelength coverage of Kepler-related Filters (.png) (.pdf) Wavelength coverge in microns of ground based survey filters of Kepler field.

If you have images or plots you wish to donate to the Kepler web site at MAST, please email us via the link at the bottom of this page.