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Getting Started

The Tübingen Echelle (TUES) obtained moderate dispersion observations (R=13,000) using an echelle grating including orders 40 - 61 from 910 - 1410 Angstroms. The instrument was designed and built by the University of Tübingen (PI: M. Grewing) and flew as one of three spectrographs on the ORFEUS/SPAS-2 mission for 14 days in November/December 1996. The instrumental resolution was about 10,000 and the effective aperture peaks at 1.3 cm2 near 1100 Angstroms. Objects were observed in a 10 arcsec entrance aperture. The wavelength calibration was established by means of interstellar molecular hydrogen lines.

The mission observed 62 targets (all stars or planetary nebulae) during a total of 169 hours on target. Most of these observations were of a monitoring nature. The data are fully calibrated and ripple corrections applied, so that merging of data (when overlapping) in adjacent echelle orders is possible.

The search form may be used to select data from the TUES catalog by object name, coordinates, and date of observation. In addition, users may browse the "catalog" or download the image using anonymous ftp. The images are archived as FITS files.