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The series of ASCII Catalogs contain summaries of the WUPPE observations obtained from the WUPPE database. Catalogs of all WUPPE observations sorted by coordinates and sorted by WUPPE category are available via ftp.

    Uncompressed (34 kbytes)
    GZIP Compressed (8 kbytes)
    Uncompressed(34 kbytes)
    GZIP compressed(8 kbytes)

The fields contained in the logs are listed below.

Object_name target name assigned by the ASTRO team
RA,DECRA and Dec of target (J2000)
Observation Date Date and time of observation start
Exposure Length The total useable exposure times in seconds.
Mean % Polarization Mean percent polarization averaged over approximately 1450-3200 (calculated for halfwave data only).
Mean Error Mean error in percent polarization averaged over approximately 1450-3200
Category A broad astronomical category assigned by the the ASTRO team. These categories were incoded into the pointing id which is included in this log as part of the data ID. The translation of the pointing id is included in this version of the WUPPE log.
Data ID The WUPPE entry_id uniquely defines each WUPPE observation. The name is of the form MISSION-OBJECTID-nnnnnn where
  • MISSION = either WUPPE1 or WUPPE2
  • OBJECTID = object name (e.g., GAM-GEM or NGC4151), identical to the entries under "Target Name",
  • nnnnnn = a unique six-digit number (also known as the pointid), based on the 2-digit ASTRO Science Class, a 2-digit preassigned target number for a given science class (although some targets have more than one target number), and a 2-digit pointing number (i.e., jotfid) for a particular target. The first digit of the pointing number is a sequential number indicating the nth observation at a particular roll angle, and the second digit is the nth exposure at that roll angle.

    As an example, entry_id WUPPE1_HD5980_226911 designates an observation of HD5980, which is in science class 22, was the 69th selected target in class 22, the first observation at a given roll angle, and the first observation at that roll angle. Within the ASTRO project, the number 226911 would be referred to as the pointid and the jotfid is 11.