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Data Analysis Center

About the IUEDAC

IUEDAC User's Guide

The latest IUEDAC User's Guide was updated on February 5th, 1998, and is now available online. The changes primarily include more information on working with various file formats and analyzing NEWSIPS data. (Note the one major change since the User's guide was updated was that the program COADD is now compatible with NEWSIPS high dispersion files.)

The User's Guide is also available for downloading in either Postscript ( , LaTeX (guide.tex) , or PDF (guide.pdf) format. A limited number of hardcopies are available on request.

IUEDAC IDL Software Libraries

Latest News: Chronological listing of the most recent changes to the IUEDAC software libraries.

The IUEDAC software libraries below (except the windows NT file which was updated March 16th, 2000), were last updated: 30 June 1999.

Note users interested in retrieving IUE data should use the MAST IUE Search form, and ignore the IUEDAC routines for retrieving data from GSFC (e.g., IUEFX).

  • Macintosh (pre-OS X)
  • Ultrix and DEC Unix
  • Sun Unix. May also be used for Mac OS-X and Linux (although these platform were never officially supported).
  • Vax VMS This software is no longer available. Please see this note concerning previous changes concerning record attributes and IDL changes.
  • Windows. Use win31_rdaf.exe for windows 3.1 systems, for others.

Individual Procedures: Allows individual programs to be displayed or downloaded.
Beta software: Files for all platforms created or modified since the last library set was created.

IUEDAC Software Documentation

The primary source for documentation on individual programs is the procedure prologs. The IUEDAC Software Documentation Search page allows this information to be displayed for specific procedures. Since the IUEDAC prologs uses a standard format, searches can also be made of subheadings by specifying the particular keyword. For example, the "modification history" can be displayed to see when the last changes were made, or a summary of the progam or programs (wildcards are allowed) can be displayed by selecting the keyword "purpose".

Post-Mission Software Changes

The Post-mission software changes page describes changes made to the IDL routines after the IUE mission ended. Most of these were Y2K-related changes. All of the changes described have been incorporated into the IUEDAC libraries. The compressed libraries are available for download from the iuedac software directory in the anonymous ftp area.

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