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Search and Retrieval

FUSE data can be found using the main FUSE search form to request one or more observations from the data archive catalog. Most users request data by observation, but for some applications it is desirable to request certain "exposures" within an observation, and the exposures search form provides this capability.

FUSE is no longer an active mission so all data is now public and available online. It is no longer necessary to have an archive account, but you may find it useful to store retrieved data in your own local directory. If the user has already done this to obtain Hubble data, you may want to check to see if your name and password has changed. As of April 2015, MAST will switch to using Single Sign-On (SSO) logins. See the registration page for more information. Users should also read about our retrieval policies.

After searching the FUSE archive, the datasets of interest can be marked for retrieval with the 'mark' button and then submitted for retrieval to DADS, the STScI Data Archiving and Distribution Service. If you have problems making the search query, consult the search help page. Different retrieval options are available, including ftp of the data to the user's home machine and transfer (for public data only) to the archive staging disk. DADS will send email when the request is completed.

Once the requested files are located, they are written to a data distribution disk area on the system, bundled into a tar or zip format file, and downloaded to the disk area specified by the user in the "save as.." pop-up window. The files are downloaded when the pop-up window disappears.

If you have problems retrieving your data, you can contact the help desk via the link at the bottom of this page.

Retrieving data via anonymous ftp

MAST has put all CALFUSE 3.1 processed data in an anonymous ftp site.

FTP to and logon as anonymous.
cd /pub/fuse/data/c####### where c####### is the dataset name.

The full set of science files and the previews (gifs) are available.