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Archive Status & Staging Disk Capacity

Current Status

Request Information for In the last 96 hours:
149 requests were made.
148 of these requests are COMPLETE.
0 of these requests are still RUNNING.

The average time it took for a request to complete during this time period is 39.743243 seconds.
The median time it took for a request to complete during this time period is 28.0 seconds.

Check status of an individual request:
Request ID:

Planned Archive Downtimes

These are scheduled downtimes which will affect access to the MAST HST Archive. Note: Due to the nature of the archive systems, we cannot always report unscheduled downtimes.

The DADS system serves data from the HST and FUSE archives.

Public HST data is also available at CADC and ESAC:


Staging Disk Capacity

Here is the current capacity of the Archive host's ( staging disk:

Tue Jun 25 02:09:57 UTC 2024

622.8 GB of 8063.3 GB used (7.7%)

If the capacity is near 100%, then the staging disk is full, and HOST retrievals and retrivals submitted through the Web interface will fail. When that happens, you may either

  • Wait until there is more space on the staging disk (every day, files older than three days are swept from the staging disk), or
  • you can select NET retrieval instead of HOST and have the data sent directly to your machine.
When the disk is full, and you have data on it you don't need, please let us know so we can delete it to make space for other retrievals.