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MAST Archive Accounts -- MyST

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New Accounts and Password Management

In April 2015, MAST's account management system was replaced by STScI's MyST system. As an Archive user, the only difference you should see (apart from a different registration process) is that instead of a username, you will login with your email address.

Check If You Already Have A MyST Account

Enter your email to see if you have a MyST account:


No account was found. Register for a new account.
You have an account. Don't know your MyST SSO password? Reset it..
You are an STScI employee, so you do not need to register. Just use your STScI Portal credentials, which are your email address and AD password.
Your STScI email was not found. Contact

Public vs Proprietary Data Access

It is not necessary to register for an account to search the Archive catalogs or retrieve public data. However, to retrieve proprietary data, such as recently archived HST data, a MyST account is required. When retrieving proprietary data through our web form, the Retrieval Options page will ask you to enter your MyST email and password. This will be used to verify that you are authorized to retrieve the data. You can also use your MyST account to retrieve public data, instead of doing so anonymously, if you wish.

Need Assistance?

For questions about the Archive account transition or to request access to proprietary data, please email