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Online access to the Copernicus archive was made possible by two NASA ADP programs:

  • "Access to the Far-Ultraviolet Universe: Three Far-UV Mission Data Sets" (NRA 92-OSSA-15)
    • PI: George Sonneborn (NASA/GSFC),
    • Co-I's: Ron Polidan (NASA/GSFC), Susan Neff (NASA/GSFC), Dan Klinglesmith (NASA/GSFC), Michael Van Steenberg (NASA/GSFC), Randy Thompson (CSC), Carol Christian (EUVE), and Tim Carone (EUVE),

  • "Access to the Far-Ultraviolet Universe: Copernicus and Voyager/UVS Data Sets" (NRA 94-OSSA-17)
    • PI: George Sonneborn,
    • Co-I's: Ron Polidan, Susan Neff, Dan Klinglesmith, Michael Van Steenberg, Ron Oliversen (NASA/GSFC), Randy Thompson, and Jay Holberg (LPL).

Special acknowledgment should be given to the following individuals:

  • Ron Polidan and Ed Jenkins (Princeton), for invaluable advice, documentation, and information in general, on the Copernicus project,
  • Dan Klinglesmith, for creating the original Copernicus raw data FITS files,
  • The former CSC IUE Data Analysis Center staff including Jim Caplinger, Lyla Taylor, Pat Lawton, Mike Carini, and Terry Teays, for software and database development, creating the original Copernicus WEB site, and general testing.
  • the Raytheon/STX ADF staff including Nancy Oliversen, Derck Massa, and Pat Lawton, for general advice on archiving mission data sets,
  • Jim Lauroesch (Northwestern University), for describing and documenting several Copernicus data analysis problems and techniques, and
  • John Rogerson (Princeton), for permission to reprint information from his Copernicus Spectral Atlas papers.