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OAO-3 "Copernicus" High Resolution Spectral Atlases

During the Copernicus mission several stars were observed intensively with the high-resolution spectrometers to obtain as complete wavelength coverage as possible. Ultraviolet high resolution spectral atlases were constructed for six stars: Alpha CMa (Sirius), Alpha Lyr (Vega), Beta Ori (Rigel), Gamma Peg, Iota Her, and Tau Sco.

The atlas data were delivered to GSFC by the Copernicus Project at Princeton University in the early 1980s. The data are now available in FITS binary table format and can be selected from the following table. Each star also has a corresponding journal article describing the details of the extraction and analysis, including identification of spectral features. Summary information on the atlas contents and file descriptions are included on the pages for each atlas.

 Star       V    Sp Type   Wavelength   Resol      Reference
                              (Å)        (Å)
Alpha CMa -1.46   A1 Vm    1650-3170    0.10   Rogerson, Ap.J. Supp, 63,
                                                  369, 1987

Alpha Lyr  0.03   A0 Va    2000-3185    0.10   Rogerson, Ap.J. Supp, 71, 
                                                  1011, 1989

Beta Ori   0.16   B8 Ia     999-1420    0.05   Rogerson & Upson,
                           1420-1560    0.10      Ap.J. Supp, 49, 353, 1982

Gamma Peg  2.82   B2 IV     967-1430    0.05   Rogerson, Ap.J. Supp, 57,
                           1430-1500    0.10      751, 1985

Iota Her   3.80   B3 IV     999-1420    0.05   Upson & Rogerson,
                           1420-1470    0.10      Ap.J. Supp, 42, 175, 1980

Tau Sco    2.84   B0 V      949-1420    0.05   Rogerson & Upson,
                           1420-1560    0.10      Ap.J. Supp, 35, 37, 1977

The files may be read with any FITS reader that supports the binary table format. The IUEDAC procedure IFITSRD is a generic IDL based FITS reader which can be used to read these files.