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EUVE Data Products

The available science data products for the EUVE spectrometers and Deep Survey instrument are stored in two different formats: 1) Binary FITS tables that include time-tagged events for temporal analysis (e.g. light-curves) and 2) 2-D FITS images of the DS and spectrometers. All 4 instruments are stored in a single FITS file with 4 extensions. The reductions that produced the 2-D images are expected to fill the needs of most users, but these can be re-extracted from the FITS tables.

Data Products

  1. EVENTS files (_evt) -- these contain event and monitor data for an observation.
    1. -- these have timing information
    2. -- files have names like ex_hya__0005060614N_evt.fits
  2. IMAGE files (_img) these contain images and filtering data
    1. -- images include DS Lexan (100 Ang) images and 2-D extracted spectra
    2. -- files have names like ex_hya__0005060614N_img.fits

CAVEATS-- EUVE was in a low-earth orbit, but only recorded data during the night time one-third of the orbit. Before March 1995 daytime data was recored for the SW spectrometer. These day-time files are includes in the archive with designation "D" in the file name, as opposed to an "N" for night-time data. EUVE data time because of its greatly increased background is probably only useful for the brightest EUV sources, (like White dwarfs).

In general the 4 binary FITS extensions of the EUVE data are: [1] DS, [2] SW, [3] MW, [4] LW. However, day-time data only has one extension, the SW spectrometer, and in some observations EUVE instruments were turned off to save telemetry slots. In these cases there are less the 4 extensions and all extension move up a slot, i.e.. if the DS was off extension [1] becomes the SW spectrometer.