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Search and Retrieval

EUVE data reside at HEASARC but may be accessed electronically through either MAST or HEASARC retrieval sites. The MAST EUVE search form has the same layout and similar query parameters as search forms of other MAST missions. Submission of this form initiates a a query to the HEASARC "W3browse" master catalog of EUVE observations (EUVEMASTER), which includes data taken from any of the Short Wavelength, Medium Wavelength, and Long Wavelength (SW, MW, LW) cameras or all sky Deep Survey. EUVE operated optimally with one or more of its cameras turned off at any one time. Data from all operational cameras during the observation are stored in multiple extensions of a common FITS file.

Once the requested files are located, they are written to a data distribution disk area on the system, bundled into a tar or zip format file, and downloaded to the disk area specified by the user in the "save as.." pop-up window. The files are downloaded when the pop-up window disappears.

If you have problems making the search query, consult the search help page. Once the data are downloaded one can go to the reading EUVE data in IRAF page to extract data and work with spectra or light curve. Historically, IRAF is the programming language of choice for the reduction of EUVE data from their native files. This is because special tasks were written in that environment to extract time-tagged photon events from background noise on the detector surface. IDL affecionados are encouraged to extract their data in IRAF first and proceed with their favorite IDL routines.

You may find it useful to search the EUVE abstracts for keywords or proposers. MAST has scanned and indexed the EUVE Guest Observer proposal and maintains a search interface for them.

If you have problems retrieving your data, you can contact the help desk via the link at the bottom of this page.