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The EUVE Guest Observer Program Software User's Guide
Version 1.5

This User's Guide contains information relating to IRAF/EUV layered package. This Guide is for use with IRAF/EUV software Version 1.5.

Document DVI format (525Kb)
Figures (975Kb)

Preface (197Kb PostScript file)
Title page, contents, lists of figures, examples and tables, plus the Preface, the guide to the Guide.
Chapter 1 (1731Kb PostScript file)
Using Telemetry in ST Tables. Using EUVE telemetry tables to make time filters for data selection.
Chapter 2 (353Kb PostScript file)
Selecting Events From QPOE Files. tasks and operations performed on the QPOE files. We include an introduction to QPOE interface expressions, tasks for installing filter macros in the files, and for making spectral images and light curves.
Chapter 3 (814Kb PostScript file)
Extracting and Fluxing EUVE Spectra. Extraction of 1-d spectra using the IRAF/EUV task euvred.euvextract and the standard NOAO task apextract.apall; tasks for producing flux calibrated spectra.
Chapter 4 (255Kb PostScript file)
Simulations and Model Comparisons. Tasks for simulating the output of the EUVE Spectrometer from an input spectrum, determining flux at the telescope from a target spectrum, and for making statistical comparisons between spectra.
Chapter 5 (238Kb PostScript file)
Doing Your Own Data Reduction. Instructions for reprocessing the EUVE event table with the IRAF/EUV event pipeline task euvred.cep to produce new QPOE files. GO's may need to reprocess their telemetry if an improved reference data set becomes available, or to correct problems with aspect reporting.
Chapter 6 (139Kb PostScript file)
Converting EUVE Data Products to FITS Format. converting EUVE data and reduction products to FITS files for transport on tape or via ftp.
Appendices (463Kb PostScript file)
Appendix A: Using the QPOE I/O Interface. More general and detailed information about QPOE interface expressions and QPOE macros.

Appendix B: Plotting ST Table Columns with tbplot.igi. An alternative to euvred.dqselect for plotting the columns of the telemetry tables.

Appendix C: Obsolete IRAF/EUV Tasks. a number of tasks from previous IRAF/EUV versions have been transferred to the package euvobsolete.

Appendix D: Other Resources. A short guide to obtaining more information on IRAF packages, IRAF user manuals and programming guides, and FITS documentation.

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