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Search the HST proposal abstracts and/or proposal titles for specific strings of interest. You may also search the HST abstracts database for a specific Guest Investigator (either in combination with a string search of the abstracts or alone). You may enter lists of expressions separated by commas. See the help for more details.

String to be searched for within the abstract:        
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String to be searched for within the title:  

Investigator first name:  
        and/or last name:  

Proposal id or a list of ids separated by commas:  

Cycle or a list of cycles separated by commas:  

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Search Abstracts and/or Titles for words and phrases

You may now use the new HST Abstract Search form to find HST proposal abstracts and/or titles containing specific words or phrases. All HST proposal abstracts matching your search expression will be displayed, along with some other information about the proposal and links to further information. The characters in the abstracts that matched your search expression will be rendered in red to make it easier to see why an abstract or title matched.

Search expressions consist of words or phrases separated by commas. The search is insensitive to case. An abstract will match if it contains any of the words or phrases in the expression, unless the word or phrase is preceeded by a + or - sign. Prefix a word or phrase with a + when the word or phrase is required to be present in the abstract. Prefix a word or phrase with a - to exclude abstracts containing the word or phrase.

Complex queries or those matching a large number of abstracts, may take longer to complete and may result in a a very large results page. You may wish to see a list of papers, without the abstract and therefore may choose to not display the abstracts.

Here are some examples of how to use the syntax:

Expression means
macho Finds every abstract containing macho (or MACHO or Macho)
macho, microlens Finds every abstract with either the phrase macho OR the word microlens.
macho, +microlens Finds every abstract with both the phrase macho AND the word microlens.
macho, -microlens Finds every abstract with the phrase macho that does NOT contain the word microlens

Search for Author and Proposal ID

You may also enter a name or list of names to search for proposals by a specific investigator. As with abstract and title searches, separate values in a list by commas. Note that the database contains only the name of the primary investigator. You may also enter a proposal ID or a list of proposal IDs (separated by a comma)

Search on Proposal Type

Users have the option of specifying the type of program to search (e.g. AR = Archival, GO = GO, DD=Director's Discretionary, PAR=Parallel). Often the types are combined (e.g. CAL/ACS or GO/PAR). Note that every submitted entry will have wildcards added before and after the user-provided input, so for example, entering CAL will also return entries like CAL/ACS, CAL/STIS,... .