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International Ultraviolet Explorer
New Spectral Image Processing System
Information Manual
Version 2.0

Prepared By

M.P. Garhart, M.A. Smith, B.E. Turnrose, K.L. Levay, and R.W. Thompson
September 1997
Computer Sciences Corporation


This document is intended for use by researchers who wish to analyze data acquired by the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) and processed for the IUE Final Archive with the New Spectral Image Processing System (NEWSIPS) at either Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) or the European Space Agency (ESA) Villafranca del Castillo IUE Observatory (VILSPA). The information contained in this document explains the instrument characteristics and the processing methodology and calibration techniques used in the NEWSIPS system to produce the output products available to researchers. This second version of the IUE NEWSIPS Information Manual has been updated to include the processing techniques for LWR low-dispersion and LWP, LWR, and SWP high-dispersion data.


Karen Levay