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General Search Parameters

Besides the mission-specific parameters described in the mission help pages, the MAST mission search forms share several general parameters. These parameters may be included in HTTP GET requests and are described below.

The list below shows the parameter name as specified in the url, followed by the type of value allowed, valid values, and notes. Note the parameter names may be case-sensitive. If you click on the parameter name, a more detailed description of the data will be found.

ParameterData TypeValid ValuesNotes
target Character Examples: M+81,HD+60753use "+" to fill blanks
resolver Character "NED",
"Don't Resolve" = search on target name without resolving to coordinates
default = NED
radius Float Range: 0.0 - ?default = 3.0 arcmin (20 for vla-first)
ra Float Range: 0.0 - 360.0 
dec Float Range: -90.0 - 90.0 
equinox Character J2000, B1900, B1950default value: J2000
selectedColumnsCsv Character Example: hut_target_name,hut_data_idcomma separated list of lower-case output columns. A default set has been defined for each mission/table. Specify verb=3 to see all columns.
ordercolumn1 Character Example: ang_sepprimary sort column (defaults are mission specific)
descending1 Character onif not specified, values are in ascending order
ordercolumn2 Character Example: ra2nd sort column
descending2 Character onif not specified, values are in ascending order
ordercolumn3 Character Example: dec3rd sort column
descending3 Character onif not specified, values are in ascending order
outputformat Character "HTML_Table" = Table in HTML format,
"VOTable" = VOTable format,
"CSV" = comma-separated values,
"SSV" = space-separated values,
"PSV" = pipe-separated values,
"COSV" = semicolon-separated values,
"JSON" = JSON format,
"Excel_Spreadsheet" = Excel Spreadsheet format
Other formats available.
For non-VO services,
default = HTML_Table. For VO services, VOTable is the default but HTML_Table is optional for SSAP. Note: non-HTML formatted output will appear significantly faster.
showquery Character on, offdefault = off
makedistinct Character on, offdefault = off
coordformat Character "sex" = Sexigesimal notation,
"dec" = decimal degrees,
"dechr" = decimal hours for RA and decimal degrees for Dec
default = sex
max_records Integer 1 to ?default = 2000. Limit may be set by available memory, but values > 25,000 may not complete.
max_rpp Integer 1 to ?default = 100. Defines the maximum number of records displayed per HTML page. Not used for other output file formats.
verb Integer 1 to 3default = 1. If verb=3, all the columns in the searched table will be output. Setting verb=1 or 2 just returns the default fields.
nonullCharacteron,offdefault=off. Setting to "on" will prevent the "no rows found" message from appearing in the search results (mainly intended for multi-target searches).
skipformatCharacteron,offdefault=off. Setting to "on" will skip added formatting of results such as converting coordinates to sexigesimal, limiting the significant figures of some data types, etc. For large queries, excution times may be reduced by a factor of 2.