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IUE Newsletters

During the IUE Mission, the primary means to publish information needed by the users was the IUE Newsletters. Some of the articles will be helpful for archival users, such as those describing instrument performance, observing techniques, calibrations, and processing algorithms, while others are no longer relevant.

Currently we have available a text file, listing the tables of contents of all 57 newsletters. You can use the "Find" function of your web browser to search for specific names or other keywords.

Warning! There are over 600 articles listed!

NASA IUE Newsletters: Tables of Contents

We also have both the NASA and the ESA IUE newsletter articles scanned and available in PDF format. They have not been indexed, however if you can determine the volume in which the article was published, you can view the papers in that volume:

NASA Newsletter Articles by Volume

ESA Newsletter Articles by Volume