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IUEDAC Software Documentation Help

This document describes how to use the IUEDAC software documentation search page. It requires however that the user know the name of the program. If the program name isn't known see the IUEDAC User's Guide . Entering a program name and clicking the submit form button will execute a Perl script which will display the procedure prolog; the primary documentation source for a specific IUEDAC IDL program.

Program Name
The name of the desired program. As an example, entering the name 'iuespec' (without quotes) will display the documentation on iuespec, the program used to extract data from the IUESIPS extracted spectral files.

Wildcards are allowed in the program name. For example, entering the name 'gex*' will return the documentation on programs GEX1, GEX2, and GEXCAL. Note there are over 450 IUEDAC programs, so entering '*' is not recommended.

The IUEDAC procedure prologs used a common set of subheadings, which are listed under the keyword box. Clicking on one of the subheadings will display only that portion of the prolog. This can be useful for determining the latest modifcations date (i.e., by selecting 'modification history', or to produce a summary of IUEDAC programs (e.g., selecting 'purpose' for the keyword and 'iue*' for programs). Note some routines may not have all the listed subheadings. Use the 'all' option to see everything.

Submit Form
CLicking the submit form button executes a PERL script which extracts the requested sections form the IDL procedure prolog.

Reset Form
Clicking the reset form button will redraw the form with the default settings for program name and keyword.