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Crater: An HST Study of the Crater Stellar System


Primary Investigator:  Daniel R. Weisz

HLSP Authors:  Daniel R. Weisz
Released:  2019-03-05
Updated:  2015-09-17
Primary Reference(s):  Weisz et al. 2016

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Fig 1. Colorized cutout of the composite F606W and F814W HST/ACS image of Crater.


The Crater object is a faint star system, discovered relatively recently (Belokurov et al. 2014Laevens et al. 2014), located in the Milky Way's outer halo. The collection presented here is based on optical imaging data of Crater taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope. The available data includes the resulting catalog of Crater members, a catalog of artificial star tests, as well as an ACS reference image in F814W used for photometry. This study concludes that Crater is an unusually-young globular cluster (and not a dwarf galaxy), given it's location, though its origins remain elusive.

Description Of Data Products

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Data file types:

_ast.fits This file contains a catalog of the Artificial Star Test objects used to characterize completeness and photometric uncertainties.
_cat.fits This file contains the catalog of detected objects with constraints applied to the SNR, sharp, and crowd parameters.
_drc.fits This file contains an ACS image of Crater in F814W used for photometry.

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Artificial Star Test (AST) Catalog File 5.3 MB 33180 x 20 hlsp_crater_hst_acs_crater_f606w-f814w_v1_ast.fits
Detected Sources Catalog File 552 KB 3770 x 18 hlsp_crater_hst_acs_crater_f606w-f814w_v1_cat.fits
F814W ACS Image 73.8 MB   hlsp_crater_hst_acs_crater_f606w-f814w_v1_drc.fits



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