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Mission Overview

Search For The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies ("SuperBoRG")


Primary Investigator: Takahiro Morishita

HLSP Authors: Takahiro Morishita

Released: 2021-05-05

Updated: 2022-06-13

Primary Reference(s): Morishita 2021

DOI: 10.17909/t9-ygx0-w711

Citations: See ADS Statistics

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(Top) Distribution of SuperBoRG fields (red circles) in ecliptic coordinates, overlaid on a temperature map from the WMAP 5-year data (Hinshaw et al. 2009). Most of the fields were selected from high Galactic latitudes (|b| > 30 deg), to avoid fields with significant Galactic extinction and/or dominated by foreground stars. (Bottom Left): Effective area and 5-sigma limiting magnitude of various extragalactic survey programs of HST. Survey programs included in SuperBoRG (red square) are shown with cross symbols; BoRG Cycles 17, 19, 22, 25 (orange), HIPPIES Cycles 17, 18 (blue), CLASH, RELICS, and COS-GTO (green). Legacy surveys such as CANDELS, including its extended version presented in Bouwens et al. (2019, CANDELS-B19), and HUDF09, HUDF12, and XDF programs are shown with gray squares. (Bottom Right): Histogram of limiting magnitude of the SuperBoRG fields. Survey programs are distinguished by the same color scheme as in the left panel.


SuperBoRG is an archival project that primarily aims to search for luminous galaxies and quasars at redshifts z > 7. SuperBoRG compiled HST’s multi-band imaging data previously taken in parallel observations designed for extragalactic science and reduced all data in a consistent manner. From both pure-parallel and coordinated-parallels programs with WFC3 in the past decade, it collected 316 independent sightlines with multi-band imaging data at moderate depth. The total area reaches ~0.41 deg^2, making it one of the largest area, extragalactic datasets. All data were reduced with a new pipeline with a few updates from the previous BoRG HLSP data release, including sophisticated sky subtraction and PSF matching. This data release includes imaging data and catalogs.

Release 1.1

This release adds a new catalog that lists limiting magnitudes of all fields.
This release also reflects minor updates to some of the Release 1.0 products, including:

  • Fix to mismatched source numbers in the catalogs.
  • Fix to imaging data in the 0116+1425 field, to achieve the full depth.

Release 2.0

This release includes a set of photometric catalogs that are based on the F125W detection. This was done particularly for z~8 galaxies, where the Lyman break remains blueward of the F125W band, and thus an F125W image can be better suited for source detections. The team also found that the F125W filter generally affords higher signal-to-noise ratios than the F160W filter for the same exposure time of flat spectral energy distribution in Fν. For these reasons, and to remain as complete as possible, the team re-ran their photometry pipeline based on the F125W detection, in the exact same manner as for the previous v1.0 release with the F140W+F160W images.

This release adds a new catalog that lists limiting magnitudes of all fields, for advanced photometric analyses by users.

This release also reflects minor updates to some of the version 1 products, including:

  • fix to mismatched source numbers in the catalogs.
  • fix to imaging data in four fields (1031+3804,1358+4334,1424+2411,1503+0352), to improve image alignment.
  • fix to imaging data in the 0116+1425 field, to improve the image depth.
  • removal of F140W files from 1031+3804, because that filter had a guide star issue and the data was of poor quality.  The files removed were: hlsp_superborg_hst_wfc3_borg-1031+3804_f140w_v1_drz-conv-sci.fits, hlsp_superborg_hst_wfc3_borg-1031+3804_f140w_v1_drz-sci.fits, hlsp_superborg_hst_wfc3_borg-1031+3804_f140w_v1_drz-rms.fits, hlsp_superborg_hst_wfc3_borg-1031+3804_f140w_v1_drz-wht.fits

Data Products

The image products have the following file naming convention:



  • <ins> = Name of instrument, either "wfc3", "acs", or both ("acs-wfc3").
  • <id> = Target ID of the galaxy, e.g., "0006+1607".
  • <filter> = Name of filter used, e.g., "f600lp", or set to "det" for the detection image and "opt" for the optical-combined image.
  • <ver> = Version number ("v1" or "v2").
  • <ext> = Type of image product, described below.

The catalog products have the following naming convention:



  • <filter> = One of "f125w" or "f140w-f160w".
  • <ver> = Version number ("v1" or "v2").
  • <ext> = Type of catalog product, described below.

Note on "detection" and "optical-combined" files.

The "detection" image products make use of the F140W+F160W filters if F140W is available, F160W only if not.  They use "det" in the filter part of the file name.

The "optical-combined" image products make use of all of the following filters, depending on which are available: 'F300X', 'F350LP', 'F435W', 'F475W', 'F475W', 'F475X', 'F555W', 'F600LP', 'F606W', 'F625W', 'F775W', 'F814W', 'F850LP'.  They use "opt" in the filter part of the file name.

Note on segmentation map headers.

The headers of the segmentation map come from one of the HST images that went into making them, but they are effectively meaningless and should be ignored.  The segmentation map files are applicable to the detection images, and thus the individual keywords in the headers of these files should be ignored.

Data file types:

_drz-sci.fits Science image at original resolution. Pixel scale is set to 0.08 arcsec.
_drz-wht.fits Weight map.
_drz-rms.fits Root-mean-square map.
_seg.fits Segmentation map, especailly useful for those using the source catalog.
_drz-conv-sci.fits Science image convolved to F160W PSF size.
_master.fits Master catalog for all sources in SuperBoRG.
_photometry.fits Source photometric flux catalog.
_redshift.fits Source redshift catalog.
_highz.fits High-redshift source flag catalog. If a source satisfies a color selection, the value for the corresponding column is set to 1; if not, 0. If the source is not qualified for the color selection, the value is set to -99.
_limmag.fits Limiting magnitudes for all fields.


Data Access

Bundles of all image products for a given target are available in the table below in .tar.gz file format (each is a few hundred MB in size).  The catalog files are provided in FITS format, and range in size from ~50 to ~200 MB. The limiting magnitude catalog is ~350 KB.

Set Catalog Files
F140W-F160W Master Photometry High-Z Redshift
F125W Master Photometry High-Z


Limiting Magnitude Limmag      


borg-0006+1607 borg-0019+4360 borg-0026-1855 borg-0027-4035
borg-0037-3337 borg-0044-2037 borg-0050-1744 borg-0058-7201
borg-0103-2214 borg-0104+0021 borg-0111-7248 borg-0116+1425
borg-0119-3411 borg-0120-2816 borg-0131-1334 borg-0132+3035
borg-0132-1332 borg-0132-7326 borg-0137-0826 borg-0143+4434
borg-0200-0850 borg-0203-7615 borg-0205-1706 borg-0214+1255
borg-0227+3738 borg-0227+4855 borg-0232-4418 borg-0235-0357
borg-0242+0716 borg-0243-0804 borg-0245+1052 borg-0248-0332
borg-0248-0335 borg-0248-4052 borg-0255-5854 borg-0260+0032
borg-0303-0113 borg-0313+0826 borg-0314-6712 borg-0329-0207
borg-0330-0206 borg-0333-0850 borg-0337-0507 borg-0343-3553
borg-0409-5317 borg-0410-5322 borg-0416-2360 borg-0416-2403
borg-0420+2911 borg-0430-0250 borg-0430-0253 borg-0436-5259
borg-0439-5317 borg-0440-5244 borg-0456-2203 borg-0540-6409
borg-0553-6405 borg-0554-6005 borg-0601-2008 borg-0624-6432
borg-0624-6440 borg-0637-7518 borg-0647+7016 borg-0647+7018
borg-0713+7406 borg-0717+3748 borg-0722+0729 borg-0728+0509
borg-0745+0329 borg-0745+2807 borg-0745+3933 borg-0745+4537
borg-0751+2917 borg-0756+3043 borg-0801+3557 borg-0801+3559
borg-0804+3011 borg-0805+5107 borg-0807+3606 borg-0808+3946
borg-0810+4622 borg-0819+4911 borg-0820+2332 borg-0830+6555
borg-0834+5238 borg-0835+2456 borg-0843+3627 borg-0843+4115
borg-0846+7654 borg-0851+4240 borg-0853+0310 borg-0859+4114
borg-0906+0255 borg-0909+0002 borg-0911+6106 borg-0913+2959
borg-0918+2904 borg-0922+4505 borg-0925+1360 borg-0925+3439
borg-0926+4426 borg-0926+4537 borg-0934+5511 borg-0943+3544
borg-0948+5757 borg-0949+1349 borg-0949+5759 borg-0951+3304
borg-0952+5150 borg-0952+5304 borg-0953+5150 borg-0953+5153
borg-0953+5157 borg-0955+4528 borg-0956+2848 borg-0957-0450
borg-0960+0506 borg-1000+5946 borg-1003+1429 borg-1010+3001
borg-1011-0446 borg-1014-0423 borg-1015-4714 borg-1017-2052
borg-1018+0544 borg-1018+3542 borg-1018+4060 borg-1018+4117
borg-1019+4138 borg-1031+3804 borg-1031+5052 borg-1033+5051
borg-1042+2211 borg-1044+0349 borg-1048+0127 borg-1048+1206
borg-1048+1518 borg-1048+4433 borg-1051+3359 borg-1059+0519
borg-1059+1439 borg-1060+2515 borg-1102-3448 borg-1103+2913
borg-1103+3601 borg-1103+4138 borg-1103-2330 borg-1104+2813
borg-1104+3139 borg-1106+2855 borg-1106+3508 borg-1111+5545
borg-1115+2548 borg-1116+0135 borg-1116+0136 borg-1116-0341
borg-1117-0334 borg-1118-1858 borg-1119+4026 borg-1120+1103
borg-1130+4935 borg-1130-0125 borg-1131+3114 borg-1132-1950
borg-1136+0747 borg-1139-1354 borg-1142+2640 borg-1142+2647
borg-1142+3020 borg-1149+0133 borg-1149+2202 borg-1152+3402
borg-1152+5433 borg-1152+5441 borg-1153+0056 borg-1154+4639
borg-1157+3340 borg-1157+3342 borg-1160+0015 borg-1204+2756
borg-1206-0852 borg-1206-0854 borg-1209+4543 borg-1210+0153
borg-1216+1817 borg-1218+3008 borg-1227+3326 borg-1227+3327
borg-1229+0751 borg-1230+0750 borg-1235+2601 borg-1236+2546
borg-1236+2613 borg-1237+2544 borg-1237+2604 borg-1237+2624
borg-1238+2550 borg-1242+5716 borg-1245+3356 borg-1248+1751
borg-1258+2814 borg-1258+4432 borg-1259+4128 borg-1300+1344
borg-1301+0000 borg-1301+1300 borg-1303+1410 borg-1311-0316
borg-1311-0317 borg-1313+1804 borg-1330+3117 borg-1334+3131
borg-1335+4054 borg-1337+0028 borg-1338+2431 borg-1341+4123
borg-1348-1149 borg-1348-1150 borg-1357+0436 borg-1358+0212
borg-1358+4326 borg-1358+4334 borg-1401+4343 borg-1404+5424
borg-1408+5503 borg-1410+2623 borg-1411+0908 borg-1413+0918
borg-1416+1638 borg-1420+3743 borg-1421+4725 borg-1422-0104
borg-1423+2409 borg-1424+2411 borg-1429-0331 borg-1431+0259
borg-1433-1804 borg-1437+5043 borg-1437-0150 borg-1437-2902
borg-1438-0142 borg-1442-0212 borg-1455+0847 borg-1456+2754
borg-1459+7146 borg-1500+5521 borg-1503+0352 borg-1510+1115
borg-1515-1517 borg-1519-0746 borg-1520-2501 borg-1521-8134
borg-1524+0954 borg-1524+0956 borg-1525+0955 borg-1525+0960
borg-1525-1717 borg-1526-1712 borg-1532+3023 borg-1533+3025
borg-1536+1410 borg-1555+1108 borg-1558+0812 borg-1607+1332
borg-1614+4856 borg-1619+2541 borg-1623+0716 borg-1632+3733
borg-1632+3736 borg-1632+3737 borg-1638+4252 borg-1659+3732
borg-1704+4536 borg-1708+4237 borg-1715+0455 borg-1715+0502
borg-1720+3538 borg-1722+3208 borg-1722+3211 borg-1730+5220
borg-1738+1839 borg-1757+5135 borg-1917-3335 borg-1920-4531
borg-1931-2632 borg-1932-2630 borg-2001+2248 borg-2008-6610
borg-2055-3408 borg-2057-1423 borg-2057-4412 borg-2129+0006
borg-2129+0009 borg-2129-0738 borg-2129-0741 borg-2132+1004
borg-2132-1202 borg-2134-0708 borg-2140+0241 borg-2141-2310
borg-2141-2339 borg-2141-2342 borg-2155-4411 borg-2203+1851
borg-2210-0433 borg-2212-0354 borg-2218+0049 borg-2228-0955
borg-2229-0945 borg-2249-4429 borg-2253-1411 borg-2306-0501
borg-2306-0508 borg-2306-3548 borg-2312-1423 borg-2313-2243
borg-2316-5909 borg-2323+0059 borg-2336+0025 borg-2340-4721
borg-2345+0054 borg-2346+0021 borg-2351-4332


Please remember to cite the appropriate paper(s) below and the DOI if you use these data in a published work. 

Note: These HLSP data products are licensed for use under CC BY 4.0.