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How Do I See The Linked HST Datasets That Went Into Each HLSP Observation In My Basket?

By default, the HST datasets that went into the ULLYSES HLSP files are not visibile in the Portal Download Basket if the Minimum Recommended Products (MRP) checkbox is set.  Below is a tutorial showing the steps needed to see linked HST datasets when you have ULLYSES data in your basket.  Click on the images to see full-sized versions.

Where To Access Basket In Portal

You can get to the Download Basket one of two ways: after selecting some rows and using the Add To Basket button (#1) or once you have contents in your Basket, using the My Download Basket button (#2).

Portal Basket With MRP Checked

By default, the Minimum Recommended Products (MRP) checkbox is turned ON.  While checked, this will only show ULLYSES data in your basket, and not any linked HST products.

Portal Basket With MRP Not Checked

If you turn the MRP checkbox OFF, you will then see a set of HST products corresponding to the linked datasets.  The Portal will also remember your choice for the MRP checkbox!  If you turn if off once and come back to the Portal later, it will likely still be turned off, provided you haven't cleared your browser cache.