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I Have One Or More Targets With Known TIC IDs, How Do I Retrieve The Light Curves For Them Efficiently?

If you have targets and you know the TIC ID, it is INEFFICIENT to do cone searches centered on that TIC target if you only want TESS data.


You can query for a single TIC ID or a list of TIC IDs in Python using the query_criteria() function. In the example below, we search for TESS-SPOC light curves for these three exact TIC IDs in the "tic_ids" list. We also include a constraint on "sequence_number" to only retrieve the TESS-SPOC light curves for these targets from Sector 26.  You can leave out this argument to retrieve all available TESS-SPOC light curves, e.g., if these targets were observed in more than one Sector.

     from astroquery.mast import Observations

     tic_ids = ['7903477', '7583207', '115419674']
     obsTable = Observations.query_criteria(provenance_name="TESS-SPOC",

     data = Observations.get_product_list(obsTable)

     download_lc = Observations.download_products(data)

You can use the Target Name field in Advanced Search if using the Portal and you are interested in getting TESS data (and only TESS data) for a single target (enter only the TIC ID numbers, no letters.)  If you want data from other missions or other HLSP, you will still want to do a cone search however, since they may not use the TIC ID as the Target Name for their Observations.

Target Name In Advanced Search