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Mission Overview

Photometric Catalogs from Hubble Frontier Fields (HFFCATALOGS)


Primary Investigator: Maruša Bradač

HLSP Authors: Maruša Bradač

Released: 2019-07-02

Updated: 2019-07-02

Primary Reference(s): Bradač et al. (2019)

DOI: 10.17909/t9-4xvp-7s45

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Source Data:  HST Frontier Fields

Fig 4 from Bradac et al. 2019
Figure 4 from Bradač et al. (2019) showing example SEDs and redshift probability distributions for two objects behind A370 (left) and RXJ2248 (right).


HFFCATALOGS presents multiwavelength photometric catalogs derived from HST, VLT, and Spitzer imaging, and catalogs of derived properties, for two Hubble Frontier Fields massive galaxy clusters, Abell 370 and RXC J2248.7−4431 (Bradač et al. 2019). These catalogs were developed by the ASTRODEEP team and used the ASTRODEEP pipeline. Photometric catalog columns include fluxes, magnitudes, and errors for HST WFC3 F160W, F140W, F125W, and F105W; ACS F814W, F606W, and F435W; Spitzer IRAC Channels 1 and 2, and VLT HAWK-I KS; as well as spectroscopic data compiled by Shipley et al. (2018). Property catalog columns include magnifications, photometric redshifts, errors, and goodness of fit, as well as derived stellar masses and star formation rates.



Data Products

The HFFCATALOGS HLSP presents a catalog of photometry and a catalog of derived quantities, for two of the six HST Frontier Fields clusters.  As described in Bradač et al. (2019), the photometric catalogs were derived using common analysis codes Galfit, Source Extractor, TPHOT, and EAZY. The galaxy property catalogs were derived using stellar population synthesis following Castellano et al. (2016). Catalog column definitions can be found in the corresponding code references above and in the appendix to Bradač et al. (2019).

Data file naming convention:



  • <cluster> = "abell370" or "rcx-j2248"
  • <ext> = "phot-cat.fits" or "prop-cat.fits"

Data file types:

_phot-cat.fits Catalog containing HST, Spitzer, and VLT photometry
_prop-cat.fits Catalog containing galaxy properties derived from photometric catalog

Data Access

Cluster Catalogs

Abell 370

Abell 370 Photometry
Abell 370 Properties

RXC J2248

RXC J2248 Photometry
RXC J2248 Properties



Please remember to cite the appropriate paper(s) below and the DOI 10.17909/t9-4xvp-7s45 if you use these data in a published work. 

Note: These HLSP data products are licensed for use under CC BY 4.0.