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Launched in June, 1992, The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) conducted the first extreme ultraviolet (70-760 Angstroms) survey of the sky and subsequently began a Guest Observer Program of pointed spectroscopy, that ended on January 31, 2001. The satellite has four photometric imaging systems and a three-channel EUV spectrometer. The imaging instruments were used to complete the sky survey detecting over 1200 sources. The spectrometers were used for the pointed spectroscopic programs, which collected data from over 1350 unique astronomical targets. The primary data archive is located at HEASARC but the extracted spectra are also located at MAST, however the entire archive is accessible through MAST.

Active From

Launch: June 7, 1992

Observing: June 23, 1992 - January 26, 2001


Angular resolution: 6 arcseconds

Spectral resolution: 1-2 angstroms


  • Extreme UV spectroscopy

  • Extreme UV images

  • Catalogs

  • Time series data


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