Flash End of Life and Retirement of GalexView

GalexView was an application that supported searching of GALEX image tiles, spectral tiles, and source catalogs in one interface.  The application was written in Flash, and on January 12, 2021, Adobe and all major internet browsers disabled Flash from running.  For more information, see the Flash End of Life article from Adobe. Alternatives exist for GALEX data at MAST, such as: - web form, http://galex.stsci.edu/gr6/ - (click on Search & Retrieval, then Tile Search, in the left menu) - cross-mission search, mast.stsci.edu - astroqery.mast Python package (for scripted access to images/spectra products), https://astroquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/mast/mast.html - CasJobs (for catalog searches), https://galex.stsci.edu/casjobs/ Please email archive@stsci.edu with the subject GalexView for any additional questions.

Alternative Ways To Access Galex Data

MAST recognizes the utility GalexView had for users of GALEX, and we are working on a new GALEX-specific search form.  In the mean time, there are the following options available for locating GALEX data products:

Service Description How To Access
GALEX Tile Web Forms

There are simple web-forms available for each type of GALEX survey (AIS, MIS, DIS, etc.).  You can get to these search forms from the GALEX website using the left side menu: "Search & Retrieval", then "Tile Search", then the survey type.


MAST Portal This is a browser-based interface that allows you to search based on coordinates across all of MAST's missions, including GALEX, in your browser.  You can enter a resolvable (e.g., by NED or Simbad) target name, or supply RA, Dec. values directly.  You can use the Advanced Search link below the target box to select only GALEX mission observations *before* a search, or you can filter on the GALEX mission *after* a search.  This is not a good interface if you have a lot of targets however. mast.stsci.edu/
astroquery.mast Python Module There is a MAST module in the Python astroquery package that allows you to search for GALEX observations and download any GALEX product from within Python.  You can't query the GALEX catalogs through this, but you can download the catalog FITS file as a product with this for any given tile through the download_products() function. https://astroquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/mast/mast.html
CasJobs SQL Interface CasJobs provides a web interface for you to write SQL queries to search the GALEX source catalogs or observations. For formal mission products, make sure you use the "GALEX_GR6Plus7" Context.  The source catalogs are in the "photoobjall" (for coadd-level source catalog) and "visitphotoobjall" (for visit-level source catalog) tables. http://mastweb.stsci.edu/mcasjobs/


If you have any constructive feedback on functionality that GalexView offered that you need to access and search GALEX products that these other services do not provide, please email archive@stsci.edu with the subject "GalexView" and let us know (with specific examples), so we can make sure that functionality is avaialble in the new mission-specific GALEX search interface we are building.