K2 Documentation

Title Topics Citation Information
K2 Handbook The K2 Handbook describes the engineering challenges and mitigation strategies of the K2 mission. It should be used in conjunction with the Kepler Archive Manual, Kepler Instrument Handbook, and Kepler Data Characteristics Handbook.  Mighell, K. & Van Cleve, J. 2019, KSCI-19116-002
Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog Document A description of the EPIC, the input catalog used by the K2 mission to define targets and which pixels to download. Huber, D & Bryson, S. T. 2018, KSCI-19082-016
K2 Data Release Notes Notes about the data and processing for each campaign. Kepler science web site.


Kepler Documentation useful for K2

The K2 mission relies on some of the the Kepler mission handbooks to describe the K2 mission and documents.

Title Topics Citation Information
Kepler Archive Manual Engineering, target pixel and light curve file format and contents. Thompson, S. E., Caldwell, D. A., Jenkins, J. M., et al. 2016,  KDMC-10008-006
Kepler Instrument Handbook Details about the Kepler spacecraft and detector. Caldwell, D.A., & Van Cleve, J. E. 2016,  KSCI-19033-002
Kepler Characteristics Handbook Data Features and anomalies found in the photometric time series.

Van Cleve, J.E., Christiansen, J.L., Jenkins, J.M., et al. 2016,  KSCI-19040-005

Kepler Data Processing Handbook Description of the Kepler Data Processing Pipeline. Each chapter is cited separately. Edited by Jon Jenkins. Released 2017.
Fine Guidance Sensor Data Description of the FGS data formats and content taken on frame-transfer CCDs in the corner of the Kepler field-of-view during the Kepler and K2 missions. Van Cleve, J.~E., & Cambell, J. 2017 KSCI-19112-001
Cadence Pixel File Format information for the cadence pixel files, the rawest, per cadence data files for Kepler and K2 data. Haas, M. 2015, KADN-26315